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We provide Translations of patient reports, Clinical trials, Training materials, Medical bulletins, Drug data sheets, Contracts, Research papers,  Guidelines and Medical Websites localization and Medical Interpreting

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An Overview of Globelang

  • Started offically in 2017
  • Translated thousands of Medical Manuscripts
  • Translated thousands of Legal and Medical contracts
  • Translated more than 50 Medical websites
  • Organized Medical Interpreting conferences
  • Organized Healthcare Interpreting orientations
  • Assigned Simultaneous interpreters in conferences
  • Established Customer service with a team of Experienced Consultants
  • Trained medical and legal translators
  • Trained healthcare and legal interpreters

We Focus on Medical and Legal Industries

Medical Translation

It covers the translation of medical texts, documents, audiovisual files, and research papers

Legal Translation

It covers medical-legal texts, including Rights and responsibilities, power of attorney, Advance directives, and other legal materials.

SEO Translation and Localization

It covers the translation of websites into local languages based on SEO standards. All contents of the website, including blogs and posts, are translated.

Medical Interpreting

It provides over-the-phone, video remote interpreting simultaneously or consecutively to LEPs and healthcare professionals.

Medical Edit

It covers editing and proofreading medical papers for the accuracy of sentence construction, grammar, and terminology in your subject area.


Why Choose Us

24 Customer Services

We are online 24/7. You can contact our experts via email, online chat, and social networks.

Comparative price

We determine the price of translation based on elements such as the difficulty of the text. Our price is reasonable as our clients are from different countries.

High Quality Services

Thanks to our professional and trusted team, we offer high-quality services. Our clients are confident with the quality.

Installment payments

We offer installments for high-volume projects as some clients have difficulty with one-time payments. You can pay monthly or quarterly, depending on the project.

Need a Certified and HIPAA compliant Translator?

As a certified medical translations service provider, GlobeLang complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the confidentiality of all protected health information (PHI) in the documents which we translate.


What Our Customers Say

Our clients worldwide are satisfied with the performance of our translators and customer services.

Elizabet Wattson
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“ The most prominent feature of Globelang is strong management and support team. They walk you through all process from submitting order to sending the translated documents. Also, you can interact with translators when needed. At the end, they offer free services. I am really confident with the accuracy of their services ”
JJ Harper
Childcare provider
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“ The best medical interpreting and translation provider ever, punctuality, high quality and strong support made me satisfied with this company and introduce it to my colleagues in other medical services ”
Matt Amin
Manager of Insurance Company
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“ I am Farsi native speaker living in the USA, our company needed Farsi translation for MOU, insurance terms and other medical translator. I did not find a good company offering Farsi translation. I just googled and happened to see Globelang. You can feel their performance in the process. ”

Highly-ordered Languages in Globelang​

English to Arabic translation
English to Chinese Translation
English to Farsi translation
English to French translation
English to German translation
English to Russian Translation
English to Spanish translation
English to Turkish translation

We are trusted by

Healthcare centers, non-profit healthcare organizations, medical education, centers of medical research, incubators for medical innovation and technology, US healthcare insurance, medical device firms,  mental health centers and pharmaceutical companies in the USA and other immigrant-friendly countries worldwide.

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