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Translation Services

We Have In-depth Knowledge of Translation

  • 100% proficient in the supported language sets
  • Experienced and Qualified in medical and legal industries
  • HIPAA compliant medical and legal interpreters
  • Quality Assurance issued by translation quality evaluators

Healthcare Professionals Rely on Our Expertise

We provide error-free Medical Translation for Multilingual Healthcare Centers, Medical Devices Companies, Clinical Research Organizations and others. Some of our clients are:

Medical websites such as WebMd and Medline Plus

Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies such as Pfizer

Medical Devices Companies such as Align Technology, Inc

Insurance companies such as Medicare

Types of Medical documents we translate

We are masters in translating Patient Information/Clinical Protocols/Patient Reported Outcomes/Clinical Trials/ Contracts/ Training Materials & Videos/ Protocols/ Informed Consent Forms/ Scientific Journal Articles, and many more…

Medical interpreter

We protect the LEPs’ confidentiality

Medical interpreting has become a dominant service in countries interested in immigration due to the influx of immigrants and the increasing demand for it. Having said that, Clinics, hospitals, Health Insurance companies, Social Service centers, and Multilingual organizations search for OPI and VRI medical interpreters.

Modes of Medical Interpreting we offer

We mainly provide OPI and Onsite medical interpreting services (Consecutive or Simultaneous) in your demanded languages. Our medical interpreters are trained and certified by prominent Academies and Associations and HIPPA complaints. We work with MiTio and MLT and also welcome other interpreting companies. Our clients are and will be healthcare providers such as WIC, SNAP, Medicare insurance, Red Cross, MSF, Childcare community and hospitals in the USA.

See How our Team Process at Work

We, as a specialized and professional agency, take principal steps from pre-translation to delivery

1. Pre-Translation Review

When you submit your order, we get it via email and review it based on the elements (such as difficulty, confidentiality level, source and target languages, deadline and word count). Then we will send you the final rate based on those elements.

2. Translator selection

Before translating the whole text, two or three translators will translate one page of your text as a sample, and you can choose the best one.

3. Translation

Translation starts once we get confirmation from your side. We can interact during the process. This interaction will give translators a better view to meet your expectations.

4. Sending translated text

We send your translations either at once or part by part (on a weekly or monthly basis) and will keep you posted on each step. We send the payment link as well. You can pay in installments if your order is high volume, such as books, audio files and the like.

5. Round-the-clock support and unlimited edit

 You can benefit from our 24/7 support. We guarantee 100% accuracy of the translation. However, you can ask for post-translation modifications and revisions if needed.

Get Your Translation Now

Get translation services from our HIPPA complaint and experienced medical translators

We focus on Medical and Legal Industries

Medical Translation

Including medical texts, documents, audiovisual files, websites and research papers

Manuscript Edit

Editing and proofreading medical papers for the accuracy of sentence construction, grammar, and terminology

Legal Translation

Including Rights and responsibilities, power of attorney, Advance directives, and other legal materials.

Medical interpreting

Including OPI and VRI remote interpreting simultaneously or consecutively to LEPs and healthcare professionals.

Globelang Translation consultant

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We are trusted by

Healthcare centers, non-profit healthcare organizations, medical education, centers of medical research, incubators for medical innovation and technology, US healthcare insurance, medical device firms,  mental health centers and pharmaceutical companies in the USA and other immigrant-friendly countries worldwide. Many of them for which we offer medical translation and interpreting services either directly or through other translation agencies include: